My name is Kalpesh Krishna, and I’m a senior undergraduate student of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. I used to lead a club at IIT Bombay, namely The Web and Coding Club, where we help people get started with code. I am interested in Language Processing, Computer Graphics and enthusiastic about Computer Science in general. In Summer 2017, I worked on end-to-end speech recognition at TTIC, which is a computer science graduate institute at The University of Chicago. In Summer 2016, I contributed to Mozilla’s Automation Team via Google Summer of Code and Quarter of Contribution.

In my free time I contribute to StackOverflow and to our club’s wiki, a beginner’s programming guide. I love cycling, and I have a cool little collection of Rubiks puzzles! Unfortunately, I’m not so good at solving them!


Some people on the internet also know me as martianwars.