It’s been an exciting week, (a bit overwhelming to be honest). Right from the GSoC results, to all the congratulations that followed, the remaining end semester exams and finally sorting out the logistics and work plan for GSoC. This blogpost explains all the work that I’ve done this week, and my major plans for the week to follow.


I have been contributing to Treeherder, the main software on which I have to carry out my work this summer, for the last 4 months. This week I tackled a couple of issues to improve the LogViewer system used by Treeherder. The first one, Bug 1245760, works on highlighting errors in logs to make it easier for developers to interpret errors. The second bug, Bug 1245760 improves the regex used for identification of errors in the logs.

Pulse Actions

I have started using Pulse Actions, a software which listens to Mozilla Pulse messages from Treeherder, and executes Buildbot APIs (through Mozilla CI Tools) to schedule jobs. Setting up Pulse Actions was slightly painful, due to an outdated README file (I fixed this here) and a problem in my internet connection. My institute only allows outgoing requests for port 80, 443 (HTTP/HTTPs) and SSH. Pulse works on port 5761 and it won’t be easy to run Pulse Actions with this connection. Hence, I’ve been given a loaner machine (via Bug 1268068) which I hope will help me when I begin hacking.

Coming up!

I hope to start my GSoC next week and I’ve a whole load of things planned! I hope to work on Joel’s bug for Pulse Actions, as a warm up exercise before I start the GSoC project. I also need to understand how to work with the loaner machine that I’ve been granted. I plan to re-read my proposal, talk to the TaskCluster team, and finally learn the try-syntax! Lastly, if I do find the time, I’d like to add Python unittests to Pulse Actions.