My name is Kalpesh Krishna, and I am a second third year PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst advised by Prof. Mohit Iyyer. I do my PhD research in natural language processing. I also co-organize the Machine Learning and Friends Lunch at UMass Amherst. Currently, I am at Google Brain for a summer internship.

I received my undergraduate degree at IIT Bombay. In the past, I’ve spent some excellent summers at Google AI Language (Summer 2019), Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (Summer 2017) and Mozilla (Summer 2016).

I maintain a list of my publications and research implementations under the Research tab. To get an insight on my professional life so far, you can have a look at my CV. I’m happy to get in touch at

I blog every now and then compiling my personal experiences. Feel free to read a bit more about me!


Sep 2020:new paper on paraphrasing for unsupervised style transfer accepted to EMNLP 2020.
Jun 2020:I was recognized as an outstanding reviewer for ACL 2020!
May 2020:started my summer internship at Google Brain, where I will be working with Aurko Roy
Apr 2020:talk at IBM research on model extraction attacks on BERT (slides)
Apr 2020:new blogpost with Nicolas Papernot on our ICLR 2020 paper on model extraction attacks on BERT.
Jan 2020:I am co-organizing the Machine Learning and Friends Lunch at UMass Amherst with Neha Nayak Kennard. If you have speaker recommendations, fill them here!
Dec 2019: new paper on model extraction attacks on BERT-based models to appear at ICLR 2020.
Oct 2019: new blog surveying twelve recent NLP PhD applicants on the graduate school admission process! Also an Insight IITB article on my personal experience.
Aug 2019: lightning talk at the AllenNLP Summit 2019 on using AllenNLP for education. Check out the AllenNLP homework I designed for our grad NLP class here!
Jul 2019: presented papers on QA generation and faster transformer decoding at ACL 2019. Check out our web demo on hierarchical QA generation!
Jul 2019: awarded the ACL 2019 Student Scholarship and the Victor Lesser Graduate Scholarship
Jun 2019: Purva Tendulkar won the Best Presentation Award for our paper in ICCC 2019!
May 2019: started summer internship at Google AI Language in New York
Apr 2019: talk at the UMass Data Science Research Symposium 2019
Apr 2019: new paper on thematic doodle generation to appear in ICCC 2019
Nov 2018: presented paper on logic rules for sentiment classification at EMNLP 2018 (slides)
Sep 2018: started my PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst
Aug 2018: graduated from IIT Bombay, receiving the Sharad Maloo Memorial Gold Medal
Jul 2018: new preprint on hierarchical multitask learning for speech recognition
Jun 2018: new blogs on grad resources, IIT Bombay CS opportunities and crowdsourcing
Apr 2018: presented paper on CNNs for end-to-end speech recognition at ICASSP 2018 (poster)