My name is Kalpesh Krishna, and I am a fourth fifth year PhD student in Computer Science at UMass Amherst advised by Prof. Mohit Iyyer in the UMass NLP lab. My research is supported by the Google PhD Fellowship.

I received my undergraduate degree at IIT Bombay. In the past, I’ve done some fun internships at AI2 (Summer 2022), Google Research (Summer 2019 - Spring 2022), Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (Summer 2017) and Mozilla (Summer 2016).

I maintain a list of my publications under the Research tab. I also blog every now and then compiling my personal experiences.

CV / Resume, Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar
Email ID:

I am actively looking for full-time research positions in industry. If you think I may be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me!


Mar 2023:new preprint on paraphrase attacks on AI-generated text detection and defending against these attacks.
Jan 2023:two papers to appear at EACL 2023, on better human evaluation of long-form summarization (LongEval), and guidelines for coreference annotation (ezCoref).
Oct 2022:three papers to appear at EMNLP 2022, on improving text generation (RankGen), a benchmark to evaluate Chinese language models (SLING), and a dataset for document-level literary translations (Par3).
Sept 2022:talk at the University of Washington on RankGen (slides).
June 2022:started my summer internship at Allen AI where I will be working with Kyle Lo, Arman Cohan and Pradeep Dasigi.
Apr 2022:new preprint: RankGen: Improving Text Generation with Large Ranking Models. The code and model checkpoints have been added here.
Feb 2022:two papers to appear in ACL 2022, on few-shot multilingual style transfer and a new retrieval benchmark on literary text.
Oct 2021:started a part-time student researcher position at Google AI Language, where I will be working with John Wieting.
Sept 2021:received the Google PhD Fellowship for 2021! (list of recipients)
June 2021:started my summer internship at Google Research India where I will be working with Partha Talukdar and Bidisha Samanta
May 2021 - July 2021:talks at Google Research (slides), University of Texas at Austin (slides), University of Southern California (slides, video) on text generation and perils of its evaluation.
Mar 2021:new paper on longform question answering on ELI5 to appear in NAACL 2021! Read more in our Google AI blogpost.
Dec 2020:passed my PhD candidacy with distinction!
Sep 2020:I am excited to share a new bird photography webpage! Check the Birding tab.
Sep 2020:new paper on paraphrasing for unsupervised style transfer to appear at EMNLP 2020. Check out a live demo and the codebase here.
May 2020:started my summer internship at Google Brain, where I will be working with Aurko Roy
Apr 2020:talk at IBM research on model extraction attacks on BERT (slides)
Apr 2020:new blogpost with Nicolas Papernot on our ICLR 2020 paper on model extraction attacks on BERT.
Jan 2020:I am co-organizing the Machine Learning and Friends Lunch at UMass Amherst with Neha Nayak Kennard. If you have speaker recommendations, fill them here!
Dec 2019: new paper on model extraction attacks on BERT-based models to appear at ICLR 2020.
Oct 2019: new blog surveying twelve recent NLP PhD applicants on the graduate school admission process! Also an Insight IITB article on my personal experience.
Aug 2019: lightning talk at the AllenNLP Summit 2019 on using AllenNLP for education. Check out the AllenNLP homework I designed for our grad NLP class here!
Jul 2019: presented papers on QA generation and faster transformer decoding at ACL 2019. Check out our web demo on hierarchical QA generation!
Jul 2019: awarded the ACL 2019 Student Scholarship and the Victor Lesser Graduate Scholarship
Jun 2019: Purva Tendulkar won the Best Presentation Award for our paper in ICCC 2019!
May 2019: started summer internship at Google AI Language in New York
Apr 2019: talk at the UMass Data Science Research Symposium 2019
Apr 2019: new paper on thematic doodle generation to appear in ICCC 2019
Nov 2018: presented paper on logic rules for sentiment classification at EMNLP 2018 (slides)
Sep 2018: started my PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst
Aug 2018: graduated from IIT Bombay, receiving the Sharad Maloo Memorial Gold Medal
Jul 2018: new preprint on hierarchical multitask learning for speech recognition
Jun 2018: new blogs on grad resources, IIT Bombay CS opportunities and crowdsourcing
Apr 2018: presented paper on CNNs for end-to-end speech recognition at ICASSP 2018 (poster)