It’s been a really hectic week, and unfortunately I could not do too much GSoC work, but I guess I’m on track. At the end of this week, I gifted a friend my favourite fantasy story, Eragon, the first book of the Inheritance Cycle. With sweet memories, I’ll dedicate this week’s theme to Saphira, the main dragon in the Inheritance Cycle.


Getting back to work, this is how it’s been last week :-

Pulse Actions

Yes! We have finally merged the Pull Request which now schedules two Talos jobs for completed PGO builds in mozilla-inbound and fx-team. I got to learn a bit of Heroku and PaperTrail, so it was a great week in this repsect. Here is a screenshot from Treeherder showing what I achieved :-


As you can see, all Talos jobs (marked with a T and T-e10s) have been completed twice. This has been done to reduce the time taken to get Talos alerts to half. We listen to build completions on a Pulse exchange, and trigger Talos downstream jobs accordingly.

Work on mozilla-central

Bug 1232005 has been re-opened to allow us to generate all_tasks.json in all branches, not just try. There is some ongoing discussion about the best way to do this.

Work on Treeherder

Now that we’ve generated all_tasks.json it’s time to use it in Treeherder! I’ve been working this week to begin integrating this with Treeherder and it’s been a daunting task due to Treeherder’s huge codebase! You can track my progress in this Pull Request.

So far, I’ve managed to procure the correct URL to all_tasks.json in the Treeherder UI on pressing “Add New Jobs”. I’m sending this data to Treeherder’s runnable_jobs API which will fetch the file subsequently. I’m having a hard time setting up Treeherder’s vagrant environment, but I hope to achieve some success in the beginning of next week. Once this is done, I can start hacking the Django APIs.

Other News

I had a great interview, and I’ve been selected for the Cargill Scholarship!

We have decided to launch a third Quarter of Contribution and I’ve found five excellent contributors from my college for this program. This QoC, we hope to achieve major refactoring of WPT Results Viewer and Perfherder improvements. Hackers are invited!

Coming up!

Besides Pull Requests named after dragons in the Inheritance Cycle, I hope to complete my Treeherder Pull Request and get a review by the end of the next week. This patch will download and parse all_tasks.json and return a list of all TaskCluster jobs that can be scheduled in the repository.

I also intend to do extensive work on MozCI, where I will refactor the unit tests and remove the mock allthethings.json file. We have filed an issue for this.