It’s been a fun week and I’m really enjoying myself this GSoC. Quite a productive one, and I discovered an excellent new sport, cycling!

I’ve always loved the Pokémon video games and my recent completion of HeartGold brought back these fond memories. I dedicate this week’s theme to Pokémon, with my two favourite starter Pokémon engaged in a fierce battle!


Here are the technical details for the week :-


I’ve finally gotten around the huge codebase of Treeherder and have successfully managed to produce the URL to all_tasks.json. I’m sending this URL to the Treeherder backend which downloads the file using requests and parses it to get it in the Treeherder data structure. Treeherder has a wonderful database which gets all the extra information I need. I send this data back and lo and behold, we have TaskCluster jobs in Treeherder! (All the code is in this Pull Request).

Original Set of Jobs :- original_jobs

“Add New Jobs” (TaskCluster only) :- taskcluster_jobs

MozCI Tools

I set out to refactor by removing the irritating mock_allthethings.json file. Here is the Pull Request.

It was a fun fix, I learnt a lot about the different tools in I now download a version of allthethings.json in the tox file and use it for all testing purposes. Tests are a bit slower now, but more efficient nevertheless. This fix also increased the test coverage of the MozCI project.

Pulse Actions

Since my last feature to duplicate talos jobs on PGO builds, we added a small change. This disables this feature on Windows 8 builds. The following picture will give you a better idea.


Like you can see, for the Windows XP PGO build, our feature is still working, but it’s been disabled for Windows 8 PGO build.

Web Platform Tests Viewer

Unrelated to GSoC, but I’m back to developing my Mozilla Quarter of Contribution Project, wptview. A few awesome contributors have agreed to refactor wptview as a part of their QoC, this summer. We have made some excellent progress over the last one week, including a feature to edit run names, an important bug fix in the SQL queries, and some checks on the Import Button, a major one here.

I’m excited to mentor this Quarter of Contribution. You can find out more about this project here.

Other News

I’ve started cycling longer distances and I’m keeping track of these workouts on Runkeeper. I hope to make this an habit as I buy a new cycle next week.

Coming up!

A lot of changes have regressed a few tests in MozCI and I hope to work on fixing some of these failing tests. I also hope to increase the code coverage of the MozCI tests. Lastly, I hope to finish the second part of the Treeherder integration.