A month has elapsed since I started my GSoC project. It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve learnt several aspects about Mozilla’s Testing infrastructure. This week I saw the new Angry Birds Movie, and I can’t seem to get Peter Dinklage’s Mighty Eagle song out of my head. So I had very little choice while I chose my theme.


Getting back to work, this is how it’s been last week :-

MozCI Tools / Pulse Actions

Now that I’m done with the first two parts of my GSoC project, I need to prepare MozCI Tools to receive the modified Pulse messages and parse them appropriately. This is seeming difficult since I don’t have the required TaskCluster scopes to publish to Treeherder. Armen might need to make a Rapid Risk Assessment before I can make any progress.

In the meantime, I’ve done some preparatory work in this Pull Request to download the latest full-tasks-graph.json file from the TC Index. I’ve also started work on parsing the new Pulse Messages in this Pull Request.

Armen has assigned two bugs to me, related to MozCI. In the first one I need to handle nightly builders in MozCI. I also need to check some special properties of the Android nightly builds. In the second one I need to remove the MozCIError which is raised when a non existing builder is passed.

Photometric Redshifts

I’ve started a project where I will estimate redshifts of galaxies in the SDSS database using machine learning. I’ve implemented the kNN regression algorithm and got a fairly decent result. I hope to move to a Neural Network soon.


Other News

We are starting the third Quarter of Contribution on Monday, 4th June. nihal111 and arpan98 will be helping jgraham and me hack wptview. Congratulations!

Coming Up!

This week I hope to address the issues pointed out on my Treeherder pull request. I also hope to solve the two bugs assigned to me Armen. If the security issue is resolved, I will proceed with scheduling TC jobs. I may not be able to blog next week, since I’m off to #mozlondon!