All the code’s been merged and the feature works! Hurrah!

Of course, there are a few issues here and there which we will fix over the due time. This will be my last blog of the series. After this, I’ll have one blog having a list of all the work I did for GSoC. I’ll also make one more blogpost where I introduce this wonderful new feature.

This week has been a fitness week, thanks to Pokemon Go! You just can’t stop walking :)



This week we saw the successful merge of Bug 1285755 followed by Bug 1281062. This was tested in four important use cases by us and Armen has documented it in Bug 1284911.

I have filed a follow up bug, Bug 1286813. This fix will provide additional optimizations when there are multiple Action Tasks.

MozCI / Pulse Actions

All the MozCI / Pulse Actions work has been merged. TaskCluster has granted Pulse Actions additional scopes to allow it to schedule jobs to Treeherder’s try repository.


A couple of commits were merged under Bug 1284911. These commits activate new runnable TaskCluster jobs in the UI and fix a filtering issue in my main Treeherder patch. Once these were merged, the project was complete.

I’ve filed two follow up bugs. A good-first-bug for newcomers, Bug 1286897 and another simple bug after Pulse Actions is granted more scopes, Bug 1286894.

PR #1661 has made some substantial progress, and I’ve been successful in solving most of the issue and adding the corresponding unittest. However, we still have some performance concerns.

It might take a while before we can merge this Pull Request.


I did some work for the Bugzilla issue in this Pull Request. I need to continue this with a database call optimization.

Setting up Bugzilla has been a tough task to be honest!

Other News

College has started, and lots of new things to explore!

Coming Up

Like I said this is my last blogpost in the weekly series. There will be two more blogs, one having a complete list of commits to Mozilla for GSoC, and the second introducing the feature for developers.

I do hope you found my weekly blog series interesting :)