My name is Kalpesh Krishna, and I am a first year PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst. I recently graduated from the Electrical Engineering department at IIT Bombay.

I maintain a list of my publications and research implementations under the Research tab. To get an insight on my professional life so far, you can have a look at my CV.

I blog every now and then compiling my personal experiences. Feel free to read a bit more about me!


  • Mar. 2019: new preprint on thematic doodle generation for artistic typography
  • Jan. 2019: will be spending Summer 2019 at Google AI Language in New York
  • Nov. 2018: presented paper on logic rules for sentiment classification at EMNLP 2018 (slides)
  • Sep. 2018: started my PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst
  • Aug. 2018: graduated from IIT Bombay, receiving the Sharad Maloo Memorial Gold Medal
  • Jul. 2018: new preprint on hierarchical multitask learning for speech recognition
  • Jun. 2018: new blogs on grad resources, IIT Bombay CS opportunities and crowdsourcing
  • Apr. 2018: presented paper on CNNs for end-to-end speech recognition at ICASSP 2018 (poster)